Old and new boundaries: National Identities and Religion


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Project goal

The project focuses on better understanding how national and religious identities are intertwined in the modern world. For this, a vast array of existing individual level and contextual data will be merged and enriched. The result will be a publicly available multi-level database. Embedded in the ONBound data is data from a subproject extacting information from national constitutions.

Research Questions

In times of increasing institutional convergence at the supra-national level, and growing diversities in e.g. wealth and life chances at the individual level, national and religious identities seem to re-gain salience as markers between "us" and "them". Potential consequences are changes in the patterns of social cohesion and societal solidarity. The project contributes to existing research in this area with regard to two core questions: The first concerns the relationship between religious and national identities at the individual level. How strongly do these two important cognitive frames for the social world overlap, or conversely, create cross-pressures? How consistent are the patterns of overlap or independence across countries, and how stable over time? The second question extends the first one, in that it asks about the effect of institutional characteristics and historical events at the country level on the particular relationship between religious and national identities.




01.07.2017 – 30.06.2020



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