Project Workshop in Milan - November 27th - 28th

On November 27th to 28th the ONBound project team meets to discuss the achievements of the database and first research results. Keynote speaker will be Andrew J. Klassen from Charles Darwin University.

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     Wednesday, November 27th
 09:00 - 09:30  Registration and Coffee    
 09:30 - 10:30  Welcome and Keynote    
 9:30  Markus Quandt  Welcome  
 9:45  Andrew Klassen Keynote: What affects satisfaction with democracy? A comparison of cultural, economic, and political factors.
Results based on a massive data cumulation effort.


Research Session I

Insa Bechert
Of Pride and Prejudice - An exploration of atheists' attitudes towards their countries, and other people's
attitudes towards atheists
 11:00-11:30  Coffee Break    
 11:30 Tina Magazzini Comparative insights on the governance of religious diversity beyond the European paradigm Abstract
 12:00 Cristiano Vezzoni and
Riccardo Ladini
Belonging without attending as an expression of religious identity and its impact on national identification.
The Italian case.
12:30 - 14:00


Research Session II

14:00 Francesco Molteni and      
Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi
“Burning the bridges with the past”. Religion and national identity after the fall of the Berlin Wall Abstract
14:30 Markus Quandt and
Antonia May
Developing an empirical typology for National Identity attitudes, using data from multiple sources Abstract
15:00 - 15:30  Coffee Break

15:30 Plenary discussion Impressions from plenum and authors on the data set and documentation
     Thursday, November 28th
 09:30-12:30  Research Session III    
 09:30  Annette Schnabel and
 Lisa Hönes
 Nation, religion and the constitutional contexts Abstract
Verena Benoit Religion and intergroup attitudes: Considering the multidimensionality of religion – the effects of state-level
10:30 - 11:00 Heiko Beyer Mind the Gap: Constitutional Rights and Popular Practice of Religious Freedom and Equality
11:00-11:30   Coffee Break    
11:30 Simona Guglielmi National identity, religion, and attitudes towards immigrants in Western Europe Abstract
12:00 Marta Kołczyńska Religious, national identity, and political attitudes among immigrants in Europe Abstract
12:30-13:30   Lunch    
13:30 -14:30
Project Methods Section

Katharina Werhan
and Insa Bechert

The ONBound scale harmonization experiment Abstract
14:00 Insa Bechert, Emma Ischinsky,
Jaanika Juntson, Antonia May,
Markus Quandt, Katharina Werhan
Implementing large-scale ex-post data harmonization - lessons and conclusions from the first two years of ONBound   Presentation
14:30-15:30  Closing Session
14:30 Plenary discussion Future perspectives  
15:30 End of Meeting